How To | Triton II Tanks

Before using the Triton II tank, the coil must be installed. If the coil is not installed before the tank is filled, the entire liquid contents will leak out of the air vent.

Please take the time to review the above image and become familiar with the tank's several components.

Applying / Attaching the Tank

For the Triton II, the tank is bottom fill. This means that you need to grab the tank from the lowest point when putting it on, and taking it off the battery. If you grab the tank anywhere above the base when applying it to the battery, you not only will tighten the tank to the battery, but you run the risk of over-tightening either the battery to the tank base or the tank base to the tank chamber, making it very hard to separate without tools.

How to Fill the Tank

  1. First, unscrew the chamber from the base. Once removed, hold the tank with the mouthpiece facing downward.
  2. Carefully pour e-liquid into either of the two side openings located inside the chamber. Pay close attention, avoid the center hole, and pour slowly to prevent overfilling. The chamber should be filled 3/4 of the way up.
  3. Once filled, reattach the base to the chamber.
  4. If using a new coil, always prime it before the first use.
    • To prime the Triton II coil, fill and re-assemble the tank. Then, take 2-3 puffs without actually firing the battery, followed by waiting for one to two minutes. This will help the liquid to soak into the cotton wicks.


  1. Be sure not to fill the center hole of the chamber as the e-liquid will flow directly out of the tank.
  2. Only refill tanks and change coils in a safe place out of reach of children and pets. 

When to Refill the Tank

Triton II II tanks perform best when regularly filled with at least 1ml of e-liquid. This ensures the heating element remains moist during use, and will extend the overall life of the coil head. It's highly recommended that tanks be refilled once the e-liquid level drops below the top of the coil head.