Display Messages

The following information are the messages that may pop up on the Reactor Displays.

No Atomizer [All Reactor Devices]

If the display reads "No Atomizer," this is going to pertain to a connection issue of some sort. In most cases, it is simply the coil; in rare cases, it may be the base of the tank or the battery.

In the event you have a customer inquiring about this message, you want to check the following.

  1. Adjust Coil - The first step should always be to adjust the coil. If the coil is too tight or too loose, it may cause a connection issue. Check to see if the coil is loose, and if so, just snugly just put it back into place. If the coil is in place, try to loosen it about a quarter-turn, and snugly putting it back in place.
  2. Clean Tank Base - If there is liquid in the base of the tank when you remove the coil, you will want to clean it up prior to reinserting any coil.
  3. Replace Coil - if adjusting the coil and cleaning the tank base fails, you will want to try changing the coil. Don't forget to prime all new coils before use!
  4. Check Connection Pin - You can try pushing the connection pin down a tad, by removing the coil and pushing down on the pin found in the bottom center of the tank base.
  5. Swapping - If you have another tank or device, you can try swapping parts around to locate the where the issue lies.
    • If another known working tank is available, try putting that tank on the battery in question to see if it will work. If this fails, replace the battery.
    • If another known working device is available, place the tank in question on this device to see if it works. If this fails, replace the tank.

If the customer has no other tanks or devices to be 100%, use your judgement. If you are totally uncertain, try replacing the tank first.

New Coil Up / Same Down [Mini, Mega, and Shorty]

In Resistance Unlock Mode, the resistance will be  checked each time a new coil is attached. After removing a coil, the screen will display “New  coil up same down” to check if the same coil is being re-attached. If the same coil is being re-  attached, press the down button and if it is a new coil, press the up button. This message  will ONLY display when the battery is in TC or TCR modes.

Temp Protection | TC Modes [Mini, Mega, and Shorty]

In TC modes, when the actual temperature of the coil reaches the set temperature, the screen will display ‘Temp Protection”. **Note: The minimum temperature should be at least 320° F

Temp Protection | Wattage Mode [All Reactor Devices]

The Reactor battery is equipped with overheat protection which will automatically deactivate the device should its temperature rise above 158°  Fahrenheit (70° Celsius). If a temperature above 158°F is detected, the Reactor battery will lock and the LED screen will display “temp protection” for the next five seconds - then, the device will unlock and the display will return to normal and you may resume vaping.

Weak Battery [All Reactor Models]
If you have a customer experiencing this problem please follow the following troubleshooting procedure:
  • Confirm that charging is being done without the tank attached.
  • If a Shorty - determine age of 18650 Cell Battery, and that it is ours.
  • Determine what coil is being used.
  • If Ni200 coils are being used, confirm that if in TC mode, it is set on TC Ni, set at the max wattage for that device, and is running at no lower than 450°F. If these settings are not matching the customer’s current settings, have them change to those settings, and try again. This should resolve issue if settings did not match the ones provided above.
If SS .5 ohm coils are being used, please provide the following steps:
  • Switch to TCR Mode (M1, M2, or M3)
  • Change wattage within TCR mode to 50 Watts
  • Set temperature at 450°
  • Attempt vaping to ensure “Weak Battery” message is no longer displaying.
This will resolve the issue if SS .5 coils are being used, as 75W and 80W exceeds the Wattage that these coils can perform with at 450° and above temperatures.
Very short and shallow draws will generall not get this message, and therefore not be impacted by this limitation.
Draws lasting longer than 3-4 seconds, will get this message. Even with a fully charged battery, after about 3 draws they will begin to see this message. This is because the settings in TC mode are exceeding the limitations of the coil, and are accessing large bursts of power the longer the draw.
When switching to TCR mode, the customer can then alter the wattage and the temperature accordingly. Though the SS .5 coil suggests use in 80-200°F, this is just not possible on either the Shorty or the Mega, and if attempted in TC or TCR mode, will give off the Temp Protection message. When in TCR mode, the temp can be set with the following formula for any coil:
  • Ohms x 100 = Temperature Restriction
  • For example: SS .5 ohms x 100 = 500°, this is the maximum temperature setting for this coil.
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  • 26-Sep-2017