Specifications | Tracer V2


The Tracer Starter Kit is the perfect way to break through the clouds and enter the world of low-resistance sub-ohm vaping. With a single firing button, the Tracer is an easy-to-use unit that’s capable of generating some serious power. The four-port adjustable airflow Tracer tank is designed for cloud production, packing sub-ohm coils wrapped in organic cotton. Clad in a shell of 304 stainless steel, the Tracer Tank looks great and performs even better. Every Tracer Starter Kit includes a 30 ml bottle of Halo V-Type E-liquid to maximize your vaping experience.

IMPORTANT: The Tracer and Tracer twist batteries can only handle coils as low as 0.3 ohms. The Tracer Tank is a universal 510 threaded design and the 0.2 and 0.25 ohm Tracer coils should only be used on a device that is rated to handle coils that low.

Tracer Starter Kit Includes:

  1. (1) 2,300mAh Tracer Version 2 Battery
  2. (2) 4mL Tracer Tank
  3. (2) 0.50 ohm Single Vertical Tracer Coils
  4. (1) Micro USB Cable
  5. (1) Wall Charger
  6. (1) Free 30mL – Halo or eVo – High VG Ratio E-liquid
  7. (1) Device Instruction Manual
  8. (1) Tank Instruction Manual 


The Tracer Mod Battery is a sleek, stylish unit that fits right in the palm of your hand. Available in jet black or silver and made of 304 stainless steel, the Tracer Mod battery offers 2,300 mAh capacity—enough to keep you powered all day long. The Tracer’s single firing button keeps things simple without sacrificing performance. Best of all, this authentic mod battery is built to last, offering an automatic cut-off feature, low-voltage protection and short circuit-protection.


The Tracer V2 battery has (2) built in Modes; a constant mode and direct output mode. The color of the button will indicate which mode you are in. To change between modes, power the battery off and hold the firing button down for (5) seconds.

1. White | Direct Output: The higher the battery level, the higher the voltage yielded. The output voltage range is 4.2 to 3.6 volts.
2. Orange | Constant Output: This enables the battery to operate at a set voltage of 3.8 v until the battery can no longer produce that voltage.

Coil Types

Extend the life of your tank and prevent the carryover of old flavors with these easy-to-replace Tracer coil heads. Designed with performance in mind, they feature single coil heads at resistance levels of .25 and .5 sub-ohms or 1.2 ohms, as well as dual coil heads at .2 or .5 sub-ohms. The dual-coil heads quickly heat your E-liquid and provide a denser, warmer volume of vapor, with more well-defined flavor. Best of all, they can be replaced within a matter of seconds. 

0.20 ohm Dual Vertical 30-100w * Not for use with Tracer Battery
0.25 ohm Single Vertical 20-50w * Not for use with Tracer Battery
0.50 ohm Single Vertical 20-40w
0.50 ohm Dual Vertical 30-80w
1.20 ohm Single Vertical 10-25w

*WARNING: Do not use coil heads below .3 ohm in conjunction with Tracer Batteries as this could create a potentially unsafe condition. Tracer coil heads below .3 ohm are designed for use with 3rd party batteries capable of handling lower resistance coils. 

Tracer Tank

Tracer tanks are bottom coil, top fill design. You can’t enjoy your favorite Halo e-liquids unless you keep your Tracer tank full! To make sure that happens, first unscrew the tank from the battery, then flip it upside down so that the mouthpiece faces the floor. Turn the chamber counter-clockwise to disconnect it from the base, then hold the chamber at an angle as you pour e-liquid into the tank along the glass side. Then get back to vaping!

Nicotine Options

You want to choose your nicotine based around the types of cigarettes you were smoking, not how much you were smoking.

To put the nicotine levels into perspective for the mods [Tracer and Reactor Series]:

  • 1.5mg/ml is comparable to an ultra-light cigarette
  • 03mg/ml is similar to lights
  • 06mg/ml is close to full flavored cigarettes
  • 12mg/ml is only recommended unless you have tried the 06mg/ml and it is not enough. 



  • Battery: Length: 80.5mm x  Width: 22mm
  • Compatibility: Works with most 510 threaded tanks. Should only use Kanthal coils above 0.3 ohms.
  • Lifespan: Up to 300 charges [with supplied charging equipment]
  • Threading: 510 [female]
  • Output: Variable Wattage 5-30 watts. Bypass mode: 3.3 - 4.2v [3.7v average] 


  • Capacity: 4mL
  • Coil Life: 1-4 weeks with 2-3 weeks being the average
  • Coil Resistances: 0.5 ohms SVC, 0.5 ohm DVC, and 1.2 ohms
  • Compatibility: Works with most 510 threaded batteries.
  • Size: Height: 70mm x Width: 22mm
  • Threading: 510 [male]

Warranty Coverage

Defect Warranty

Our hardware comes with a limited manufacturer’s defect warranty. Before proceeding with any warranties, we must perform troubleshooting for any problems that arise. We have a very low defect rate so if you are having trouble, we strongly suggest to please contact support at 866-305-4256, or customersupport@halocigs.com any day from 8:00am – 11:55pm EST.

Generally, our customer support team can resolve most issues through basic troubleshooting. The limited warranty periods for each part is listed below.

  • 30 Days for Tanks & Cartomizers
  • 60 Days for Batteries
  • 90 Days for Charging Equipment 

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We also offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on non-consumable items, which for the kit includes all batteries and chargers. Tanks and e-liquids are non-returnable/refundable under the 30-day satisfaction guarantee unless proven to be defective.