E-Liquid | Tobacco Flavors

Available in our Standard Ratio Only [70pg/30vg]

Halo Cordoba Woodsy cigar tobacco with caramel notes
Halo Freedom Juice Mild tobacco with a sweet finish
Halo LongHorn Bold, fire-cured Corojo and sweet Cavendish tobacco
Halo Midnight Apple Rich tobacco with a hint of Granny Smith apple
Halo Pirate's Creed Cured Virginia and Oriental tobacco with a dash of Latakia spice
Halo Torque56 Unfiltered tobacco with a strong throat hit

Available in both Standard [70pg/30vg] and High VG Ratios [30pg/70vg]

Halo Black Calico Danish pipe tobacco blend with a Cavendish base and vanilla bean note
Halo Prime15 Earthy, dry tobacco with hints of cocoa
Halo Tribeca Smooth tobacco blend with just a touch of vanilla and caramel
Halo Turkish Tobacco Sun-cured tobacco flavor with a very light semi-sweet top note
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  • 16-Jan-2018